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You Are Enough

The worth of women is often attached to their relationship status, motherhood, or professional career. There are many circumstances and choices that determine why a person may be single, with or without children, or a business entrepreneur versus a stay at home mom. Our society tends to glamorize certain people and positions and make us think that our self-worth is related to specific successes. Do not let these ideas make you feel unworthy in any way.

Your self-worth should be based on your character, such as your ability to show kindness, genuine compassion, resilience, and strength in times of difficulties.

If you lose a loved one or your most valuable materialistic possessions, what will be left to keep you grounded and deserving of life’s continuous experiences and growth?

I need each one of you to take the time to positively affirm your character traits, strengths, and capabilities on a regular basis.

Don’t you ever let anyone or any experience make you feel unworthy of life’s desires? Remember that you are beautiful, strong, determined, smart, caring, resilient, and much more.

Your self-worth is based on what makes you uniquely amazing and significant in this world.


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Laura Bonzil
Laura Bonzil
Nov 18, 2020

It’s so easy to let social media and our society influence our perspective of self-worth. Learn to love yourselves, both your strengths and weaknesses.

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