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Love Yourself First

As we find ourselves approaching Valentine’s Day, society emphasizes love, relationships, and materialistic things. Truthfully, the shelves have been full of red and pink supplies since early January.

During this time, many people find themselves reflecting on their current relationship status and feel an immense wave of different emotions. I can recall being single in my early twenties and feeling out of place and slightly uncomfortable as I watched couples celebrate.

Thankfully, I had some close friends who always showed me love and gave me thoughtful cards and sentimental gifts. My sense of identity was momentarily questioned because our cultural norms set specific guidelines relating to love and relationships for people who were twenty and beyond.

Through the years, I have learned to love myself. It doesn’t replace the love and affection that I receive from God, my husband, children, family, and friends; but it completes my sense of identity and worth. I am continuing to learn how to be comfortable in solitude, mentally noting both my strengths and weaknesses, and pampering myself with no regrets or shame.

In order to truly receive unconditional love, we must love ourselves, be patient, and forgiving to the one we look at in the mirror everyday.

If you are reading this blog post, I challenge you to show yourself some love for the next 7 days by spending some quiet time alone, setting boundaries with others, and prioritizing your own needs. Don’t be afraid to LOVE yourself uncondionally.

“Keep watering yourself, you are growing”. E.Russell


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1 commentaire

12 févr. 2022

Amen. Self love is the best love, bc we love other better when we love ourselves. Great post

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