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Live in the Moment

Life is a journey that encompasses accomplishments, failures, great memories, and impactful circumstances. We often find ourselves anticipating the next phase of our lives and hope that it will bring us more excitement, fulfillment, or happiness. Most children are in a hurry to become adolescents while young adults look forward to gaining more independence and freedom. As a young adult, setting up your own rules and daily routines without parental supervision seems like the best thing in the world. Adults look forward to retirement and finally having time to enjoy recreational activities and their newly found liberty. Truthfully, we spend most of our lives anticipating the future, while ignoring the present moments that need to be cherished.

Although it is wise to plan and prepare for the next chapter in our lives, we must appreciate our chance to let go of the past and live in the present. Each new day brings opportunities, lessons, and experiences that will shape our emotional, mental, and spiritual being. We must learn how to pause and reflect on the existing adventures.

So go ahead, notice the beautiful flowers in your backyard, savor the sweet flavors from the cupcakes baked by your children, admire the beautiful smile and sexy physique of your spouse, or simply be grateful for the ability to breathe, move, and dance like no one is watching. No matter how big or small the occasion, enjoy its authenticity and significance.

“Enjoy life, don’t wish away days waiting for better days ahead”.


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