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Taste Your Words Before You Spit Them Out

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

As you grow older, there are many things that you begin to understand better. I remember my mother telling me, “If you have nothing nice to tell a person, remain silent". Through the years, I have begun to realize the importance of her advice. I know that sometimes it is actually recommended to be honest and share your thoughts with people in your lives. I am not saying that you should never stand up for yourself or share your thoughts. However, you can choose to express yourself in a kind manner and get your point across without being harsh or mean.

Personally, I have chosen in some instances to not immediately respond when my emotions are fully engaged. I take the time to pause, mentally process the information, and then give my reply at a later time. I am going to keep it real this does not happen each time that it needs to, but I have realized the power of words. As we all know, words can either inspire or destroy others. I vividly remember positive words that teachers, loved ones, and friends have told me throughout the years, but truthfully those hurtful and mean words are not easily forgotten and creep into my mind sometimes. When you tear someone down with insults or negative comments it can cause some very serious psychological and emotional damage to them.

My mother is no longer around to see how I treat others, but I am making a huge effort on a daily basis to choose my words wisely and keep my mouth shut sometimes. I plan to continue to uplift and encourage those who cross my path with positive words.

What do you want your words to do for others?


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