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Lessons Learned in 2020

As I take a moment to pause and reflect on this past year, many things come to mind. Back in January, most of us were excited and anticipating a fabulous year. As the Covid pandemic came on the scene in March everything quickly changed. Many important plans and social events were canceled. Classrooms across America switched to a distance or hybrid platform. Hospitals became a “battlefield” and medical professionals became our heroes.

There have been losses and gains that will continue to impact our lives. As a result, I am pleased to share some valuable lessons taught in 2020.

  • We are able to make changes when necessary. Many schools and businesses switched to a virtual platform to keep people safe and continue to offer their services to others.

  • We care about each other. For example, people came together and developed systems to assist the elderly or people that lived alone and needed food or other supplies.

  • Isolation can cause anxiety and depression. The mandatory lockdowns caused a lot of individuals to experience various mental health issues. We have learned to recognize these signs, check in on others, and seek or offer the proper services to people.

  • We can stay at home. Although it may not always be fun to be at home, we are adapting by participating in various activities, virtual events, and taking time to work on our hobbies and personal projects.

  • Enjoy and appreciate your loved ones. Now more than ever, we have learned the importance of spending time with our family and friends. Spending quality time and making memories is more important than any monetary gift.

  • Everything can change overnight. Our current norm has definitely shown us that things can change in a moment. We need to prioritize ourselves, our loved ones, and not stress out over situations that we can not control or change.

  • Exercise and physical activity are beneficial. Whether you ride your bike, run, dance, walk around your neighborhood, or do yoga; physical activity will help your physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

  • We need each other. Throughout all of the situations that 2020 brought, we have learned the importance of community. We are all on this journey together and it is crucial that we help, encourage, and support each other through the good and bad days.

I am grateful for the lessons that were taught, emphasized, and learned this year. I am positive that we will be able to make the best of 2021 by helping, supporting, and encouraging one another. Let’s keep a positive mindset and make the most of the new year.


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