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Be the Present

As we celebrate this Holiday season and bring the year 2020 to an end, many people are purchasing gifts for their loved ones, colleagues, and sometimes even strangers.

For most individuals, it makes them happy to bring a smile to someone else by giving them a meaningful present.

I have come to the realization particularly this past year that our presence means so much more than presents. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with buying items for others, but being present such as spending quality time, helping others, or simply listening or encouraging people will make a much bigger impact. When one reflects on special memories of their childhood or various milestones in life it usually includes the people who were present and believed in you. You are one of the most important presents that your family and friends can possess.

There are no materialistic things that can ever replace the value of genuine, loving, and caring individuals who spend time letting others know that they matter through their actions and words. As we continue on with our daily responsibilities, don’t forget to take some time to bake some desserts, spend quality time laughing and catching up with others, and simply enjoy small moments. Time is our most precious commodity and we can never get it back once it is done. That is why we should show our love, appreciation, and support to those around us on a regular basis. Our presence needs to be authentic throughout the entire year.

As we bring this eventful and challenging year to a close, be the present for those in your lives and let them know how much they matter to you. Be intentional, don’t take anything for granted, and make time to create long-lasting memories with those around you.

Your presence is more meaningful than any present!


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